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Shipping normally, just a bit slower than usual. Thank you for your support citizens!
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Stories from the Kingdom of Klah

Rock of the Clockwork Eagle

Journeyed up a very secluded river today to the famous Rock of the Clockwork Eagle, which every 13 seconds is landed on by a Clockwork Eagle, who screams, sometimes devours a fish, or regurgitates one, and then flies off, only to be followed by another exactly 13 seconds later - for what purpose nobody knows, although people often take their clocks there to be checked for accuracy. Unfortunately this video is only 11 seconds long and I missed the eagles.

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Moonshine Pool

Captain Lilith investigating Moonshine Pool today, where irrespective of the time of day or night or phase of the moon it is, you can look in and see the full moon in all its splendour. Visitors to the pool often bring cups on strings and lower them in for a strong mid-forest beverage, but be careful not to slip, for full immersion in the pool is said to turn a person into a pair of glass slippers, visible only in the moonlight, and therefore rated at High Risk of being accidentally broken.

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Spongelrip Beach

Spongelrip Beach, a wild section of Klah's west coast at the best of times. It is also home to a strange and unique phenomena called the "spongelrip" - strong currents that drag unsuspecting swimmers down into underground caves where they are given vigorous underground sponge baths by severe sea sponges (Spongeus severis). The newly scrubbed swimmers are then tossed into an upwards current which pops them back to the surface, pink, gleaming and generally relieved to be alive. Unfortunately at this point, their pink, gleaming, succulent skin normally attracts carnivorous sabre tooth dolphins. 

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Boklidok Awareness Week

Sleeping Boklidok, Southeast Klah

This week is Boklidok Awareness Week, and follows two more disappearances on the coast of Yippertin, Southeast Klah. Do you know the warning signs of a Boklidok? Citizens, now is the time to get educated – it could save your life.

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Tree Pursues Destiny

While out foraging for snizzleberries last week, Hetty Hobnob, a reporter from the Klah Gazette, witnessed a tree decide it was destined for more in life than sitting around hearing tales of the skies from the beaks of birds. She managed a brief interview as it sailed past:

Klah Gazette: This is an important moment in your life. How are you feeling?

Tree: Uplifted, uprooted, excited, and many other three syllable words that I don’t have time for right now.

Klah Gazette: Do you have any advice for those that might follow in your rootsteps?

Tree: Pack snacks and warm socks, these are my only regrets.

And with these wise words it became a speck in the sky of destiny.  

– Hetty Hobnob for The Klah Gazette

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