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Boklidok Awareness Week

Sleeping Boklidok, Southeast Klah

This week is Boklidok Awareness Week, and follows two more disappearances on the coast of Yippertin, Southeast Klah. Do you know the warning signs of a Boklidok? Citizens, now is the time to get educated – it could save your life.

Boklidoks are found in tidal areas where the river meets the sea, as although their skin is great for camouflage, it is also very sensitive and requires 6 hourly treatment with saltwater, interspersed with fresh. Boklidoks are very dangerous creatures and should be avoided at all costs, as just one touch of their skin causes incurable pebbleitis, where the victim shrinks to a small pebble and usually becomes lost amongst the riverbed. Avoidance is the best protection, as they will generally ignore you if you don’t disturb them – most attacks occur when walkers fail to read the warning signs and accidentally stumble into them. Boklidoks can be recognized by the distinctive tufts on the head and lower back, and the bluish colour of their flesh. They also emit a low grumbling sound when sleeping and / or lurking, however this is often inaudible over the sound of the surrounding water. The Society of Safety, Teaching & Awareness of Boklidok Stealth (STABS) highly recommends all estuary ramblers carry ear trumpets, and this week they will be available to purchase from volunteers out in the streets. All proceeds will go towards helping victims’ families build memorial rock gardens.

Stay safe, citizens.

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