The Mask

Little is known about the mask’s origins, about how it was created or why. Some say it first appeared when a strange red vine grew in a village in the north of Klah, a vine never before seen, nor after. Allegedly after seven days a large flower unfurled itself and inside lay the peculiar white mask waiting to be plucked. Others say it drifted ashore on a small canoe that smelt like the moon and felt like wet earth, and there are even a few who vehemently believe it was found under a privet hedge. Whatever its origins, it seems it was soon discovered that wearing the mask gave one the ability to understand and channel the thoughts of plants, and if one assumed the right position, and tossed their own thoughts in just the right way, the plants were able to understand in return. Throughout the centuries the mask has been passed down, sometimes lost and sometimes stolen, sometimes kept in glass cabinets and sometimes worn to bed, or fancy dress balls. Elaborate conversations have been held with the plant world, who tend to be interested in philosophy, poetry, and stories about the sun. The honoured one who owns the mask is called THE PLANT ORACLE.