The Hypnotic Cobra

The hypnotic cobra had always expected something quite different for his life. When he was young he had assumed he would be a jazz dancer like his mother and much later, it had seemed obvious he would dedicate his life to the exciting and ancient art of Staff Management. He had imagined a rather ordinary life, highlighted by weekends, salary bonuses, and of course a structured daily commute. Therefore he was rather taken aback to one day find himself emitting a powerful scent from his nostrils, a scent at once magnificent and invisible, that crept like a fog into the minds of those around him, and rendered them completely under his control. At first he was overwhelmed, for he knew he must use the power he had been given, but was unsure what to use it for. There seemed no need for more people to be clucking like chickens or hopping like kangaroos. He became so perplexed that he started doing strange things like wearing beige vests and watering his plants with milk - all and all, things were not looking good. Then one morning as he was eating his breakfast, it came to him in such a bolt of brilliance he almost choked on his Frosty Lizard Cereal: he could combine his previous dreams and skills with his new, creating the finest impromptu (hypno) flash mob the world had ever seen.