Snakebird Gold Pikeletcycle Gang

Once upon a time the members of the Milk Thieves Motorcycle Gang struck fear into the hearts of citizens, churning up lawns, frightening cats into trees and of course, as all bad ass gang members do, stealing milk bottles. People cowered in the streets, anti-Milk Thieves charms and amulets flourished, and town meetings were called. The mayor tried to have them evicted but gave up when not only were all his milk bottles stolen, but his recycling bin too. All seemed lost. Then one evening, as the gang rode home from a productive day of neighbourhood terrorising, a vision suddenly appeared before them in the golden rays of the setting sun. A snakebird with blazing eyes rose up, and in his strange high-pitched voice he sang them one of their favourite death metal songs. Instantly he won their hearts and they listened respectfully to his wise leadership. They traded in their motorcycles for pikeletcycles, which are powered by pikelets and are much more eco-friendly, and became the Snakebird Gold Pikeletcycle Gang. They gave up their wicked milk thievery and started selling pikelets from their bikes, which was still a little bit bad ass as they didn’t have the required food certificates, but much more welcomed by the citizens. These days people hang golden snakes on their verandahs, a symbol of invitation to the pikelet vendors.
(For a pikelet recipe, click here)