Sacred Feather

Sacred Feather was not always known by such a grandiose name. He was born Malcolm Blibbertrot, and the girls used to tease him because of his high-pitched voice and silly name. One day three unusual feathers grew out of his head and have remained there ever since. Not only do they add to his ravishingly good looks, the feathers act as a sort of antennae, each tuned into a different wavelength. The first feather, a glorious spotted specimen, allows him to predict the weather in Klah with amazing accuracy. The second feather, adorned with diamonds, understands the mysterious whispered language of the Kazuut trees, who it turns out know some great jokes as well as being incredibly wise. The third feather, perhaps the most miraculous of all, is able to tell when a guest is thirsty, and which flavour of tea is their preference. Because of these talents he has appeared on the national weather channel for a number of years, is the Kingdom’s first representative to the Kazuut Forests in the South of Klah, and is an excellent host to his numerous visitors. These days girls chase him for his autograph and his name is printed on souvenir tea-towels. Sometimes he wishes he could have become a simple mechanic and wear greasy overalls without appearing in  gossip magazines (SACRED FEATHER IN SHOCK-HORROR WARDROBE MISHAP!), but mostly he is content.