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Snazzcat! (Traditional Klahtian exclamation of excitement) - Free NZ shipping over $250!
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Royal Master Artist snapped in Moomitzell Costume

Royal Master Artist (Nina van der Voorn) is seen here on her way to the annual Moomitzell Celebration & Appreciation, which takes place in the streets of Klah at the end of Autumn. The moomitzell, for those of you not acquainted with this fascinating creature, is very important to the citizens of Klah as it produces and supplies over 90% of their milk. Moomitzell milk is much more nutritious than cow’s milk, and several exciting studies have been conducted suggesting that drinkers of moomitzell milk are six times as likely to successfully flip pancakes than consumers of regular cow’s milk.

The moomitzells also donate their milk to the people of Klah year round, in exchange for a one month retreat during the month of June, where they practice yoga, receive pedicures, and read books about their Inner Selves. As part of the Moomitzell Celebration & Appreciation, on the eve of the moomitzells holiday, the citizens of Klah dress themselves in moomitzell costumes and parade the streets. There is normally at least one case of milk coma, however, authorities are pleased to report this year there were no incidents.

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