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Snazzcat! (Traditional Klahtian exclamation of excitement) - Free NZ shipping over $250!
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Ham-Sam the Saviour

A rare photo of the Royal Master Artist, and a less rare photo of a ham sandwich, because this particular ham sandwich is famous throughout Klah and is featured in many homes, magazines and history books.

The sandwich, commonly known as Ham-Sam the Saviour, began its life as a lowly packed lunch in the rucksack of Lady Maureen Goggins, the Hot Air Balloon pilot given the important job of transporting the last pair of endangered Dancing Caterpillars (a source of national joy) to a safer home. While crossing the Peaks of Despair, calamity struck when a Gang of Hairy Eagles attacked, puncturing the Balloon.

Lady Maureen only briefly batted an eyelid and considered her impending doom, and the things she hadn’t yet done in life - including eat the delicious ham sandwich in her bag - before she recovered her wits, tossed the sandwich in the air as bait to distract the Hairy Eagles, and then gave them a quick perm - which not only ruined their aerodynamic abilities but struck down their vanity so that they hurried away in shame to apply conditioning masks. She then deftly caught the sandwich (does a quick perm our Maureen) and used it to plug the hole in the Hot Air Balloon, thus saving the future of the Dancing Caterpillars / Klah’s national joy.

Ham-Sam the Saviour is now his own source of national joy, and enjoys a pleasant life by the sea away from eagles, answering his fan mail and giving occasional inspirational talks to schoolchildren. Lady Maureen was given a lifetime supply of jam sandwiches for her courageous acts, and because she could never eat ham again.

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